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Only when the last tree has been cut down; Only when the last river has been poisoned; Only when the last fish has been caught; Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.

Many of the things you can count, don't count. Many of the things you can't count, really count.
From birth to age 18, a girl needs good parents, from 18 to 35 she needs good looks, from 35 to 55 she needs a good personality, and from 55 on she needs cash.
When money speaks the truth is silent.
Money is like love; it kills slowly and painfully the one who withholds it, and enlivens the other who turns it on his fellow man.
A miser grows rich by seeming poor. An extravagant man grows poor by seeming rich.
When it is a question of money, everybody is of the same religion.
Money won't make you happy... but everybody wants to find out for themselves.
Why is there so much month left at the end of the money?
Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1.
Money is like manure. If you spread it around it does a lot of good. But if you pile it up in one place it stinks like hell.
Nothing that is God's is obtainable by money.
The best way to make happy money is to make money your hobby and not your god.
Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.
Business, you know, may bring you money, but friendship hardly ever does.
Money, it turned out, was exactly like sex, you thought of nothing else if you didn't have it and thought of other things if you did.
We all need money, but there are degrees of desperation.
It is true that money cannot buy happiness but it does make it possible for you to enjoy the best that the world has to offer.
Money cannot buy peace of mind. It cannot heal ruptured relationships, or build meaning into a life that has none.
If you know how to spend less than you get, you have the philosopher's stone.
Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes.
The poor man's budget is full of schemes.
Money is the seed of money, and the first guinea is sometimes more difficult to acquire than the second million.
Make all you can, save all you can, give all you can.
When I was young I used to think that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old, I know it is.
Money makes a good servant, but a bad master.
A nickel isn't worth a dime today.
I really don't like talking about money. All I can say is that the Good Lord must have wanted me to have it.
Having more money does not insure happiness. People with ten million dollars are no happier than people with nine million dollars.
I never attempt to make money on the stock market. I buy on the assumption that they could close the market the next day and not reopen it for five years.
Anyone who says money can't buy happiness just doesn't know where to shop.
The only thing money gives you is the freedom of not worrying about money.
If money is all that a man makes, then he will be poor. Poor in happiness and poor in all that makes life worth living.
There are people who have money and people who are rich.
I'm not into the money thing. You can only sleep in one bed at a time. You can only eat one meal at a time, or be in one car at a time. So I don't have to have millions of dollars to be happy. All I need are clothes on my back, a decent meal, and a little loving when I feel like it. That's the bottom line.
Modern man is frantically trying to earn enough to buy things he's too busy to enjoy.
When you don't have any money, the problem is food, When you have money, it's sex. When you have both, its. It's health, If everything is simple, then you're frightened of death.
Successful people make money. It's not that people who make money become successful, but that successful people attract money. They bring success to what they do.
When I chased after money, I never had enough. When I got my life on purpose and focused on giving of myself and everything that arrived into my life, then I was prosperous.
Money has never made man happy, nor will it, there is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more of it one has the more one wants.
He that is of the opinion money will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for money.
The use of money is all the advantage there is in having money.
Many people take no care of their money till they come nearly to the end of it, and others do just the same with their time.
Whoever said money can't buy happiness didn't know where to shop.
It's good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it's good, too, to check up once in a while and make sure you haven't lost the things that money can't buy.
I don't care too much for money, money can't buy me love.
The day, water, sun, moon, night -- I do not have to purchase these things with money.
Money is usually attracted, not pursued.
The only wealth is life.
You can be young without money but you can't be old without it.
No man's fortune can be an end worthy of his being.
A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things. [Ecclesiastes 10:19]
It's important to me that money not be important to me.
The more you learn to live without, the more you'll have to live with.
Money isn't everything but it ranks right up there with oxygen.
Dollars! All their cares, hopes, joys, affections, virtues, and associations seemed to be melted down into dollars. Whatever the chance contributions that fell into the slow cauldron of their talk, they made the gruel thick and slab with dollars. Men were weighed by their dollars, measures were gauged by their dollars; life was auctioned, appraised, put up, and knocked down for its dollars. The next respectable thing to dollars was any venture having their attainment for its end. The more of that worthless ballast, honor and fair-dealing, which any man cast overboard from the ship of his Good Nature and Good Intent, the more ample stowage-room he had for dollars. Make commerce one huge lie and mighty theft. Deface the banner of the nation for an idle rag; pollute it star by star; and cut out stripe by stripe as from the arm of a degraded soldier. Do anything for dollars! What is a flag to them!
Money often costs too much.
The highest use of capital is not to make more money, but to make money do to more for the betterment of life.
Money is like manure. You have to spread it around or it smells.
If a person gets his attitude toward money straight, it will help straighten out almost every other area in his life.
The darkest day of any man's life is when he sits down to plan how to get money without earning it.
More gold has been mined from the thoughts of men than has been taken from the earth.
Money without brains is always dangerous.
Money is good, love is wealth.
The safest way to double your money is to fold over once and put it in your pocket.
When someone says it ain't the money, but its the principal of the thing, it's the money.
Money may be the husk of many things, but not the kernel. It brings you food, but not appetite; medicine, but not health; acquaintances, but not friends; servants, but not faithfulness; days of joy, but not peace and happiness.
The love of money grows as the money itself grows.
There's only one thing money won't buy, and that is poverty.
I have enough money to last me the rest of my life, unless I buy something.
Americans want action for their money. They are fascinated by its self-reproducing qualities if it's put to work. Gold-hoarding goes against the American grain; it fits in better with European pessimism than with America's traditional optimism.
When money is taken freedom is forsaken.
Marry for money, my little sonny, a rich man's joke is always funny.
Money begets money.
Part of your heritage in this society is the opportunity to become financially independent.
Money is the most important thing in the world. It represents health, strength, honor, generosity, and beauty as conspicuously as the want of it represents illness, weakness, disgrace, meanness, and ugliness.
Money is the most egalitarian force in society. It confers power on whoever holds it.
A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart.
The lack of money is the root of all evils.
His money is twice tainted: taint yours and taint mine.
Money will buy a bed but not sleep; books but not brains; food but not appetite; finery but not beauty; a house but not a home; medicine but not health; luxuries but not culture; amusements but not happiness; religion but not salvation; a passport to everywhere but heaven.
The richer you get, the poorer you become.
Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding in which you put your money in your pants pocket and give your coat to your creditors.
Making money is a hobby that will complement any other hobbies you have, beautifully.
Money doesn't mind if we say it's evil, it goes from strength to strength. It's a fiction, an addiction, and a tacit conspiracy.
Money is something you got to make in case you don't die.
Capital can do nothing without brains to direct it.
Few women care to be laughed at and men not at all, except for large sums of money.
If money be not thy servant, it will be thy master. The covetous man cannot so properly be said to possess wealth, as that may be said to possess him.
Be not penny-wise. Riches have wings. Sometimes they fly away of themselves, and sometimes they must be set flying to bring in more.
Money is like muck, not good except it be spread.
Finance, like time, devours its own children.
Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant.
It is the heart that makes a man rich. He is rich according to what he is, not according to what he has.
Money speaks sense in a language all nations understand.
I'm tired of love; I'm still more tired of rhyme; but money gives me pleasure all the time.
When asked what would he do if he found $1 million, Yogi responded, If the guy was poor, I'd give it back.
The love of money is the root of all evil.
He who gathers money little by little makes it grow. [Proverbs 13:11]
Whether he admits it or not, a man has been brought up to look at money as a sign of his virility, a symbol of his power, a bigger phallic symbol than a Porsche.
I haven't got as much money as some folks, but I've got as much impudence as any of them, and that's the next thing to money.
A man is a person that will pay two dollars for a one dollar item he wants. A woman will pay one dollar for a two dollar item she doesn't want.
Instead of rising rapidly in the beginning and flattening out later, the earnings curves of most those who eventually become millionaires was the reverse; their income increased slowly, if at all, for many years. And then after two to three decades, it suddenly went through the roof.
If you marry for money, you will surely earn it.
The evidence unmistakably indicates that you have to spend money in order to make money.
What's the quickest way to become a millionaire? Borrow fivers off everyone you meet.
I've got a living to make, to put it plainly; there's more money in shocking and terrifying than in edifying.
The money complex is the demonic, and the demonic is God's ape; the money complex is therefore the heir to and substitute for the religious complex, an attempt to find God in things.
If all the gold in the world were melted down into a solid cube it would be about the size of an eight room house. If a man got possession of all that gold -- billions of dollars worth -- he could not buy a friend, character, peace of mind, clear conscience or a sense of eternity.
High premiums are being paid today not particularly for quality service or long-term building of a business but rather for making money quickly, getting rich, and getting out. And that's wrong.
The money men make lives after them.
I have imbibed such a love for money that I keep some sequins in a drawer to count, and cry over them once a week.
The want of money is the root of all evil.
Yes! Ready money is Aladdin's lamp.
Ready money is Aladdin's lamp.
Money never starts an idea; it is the idea that starts the money.
It is a kind of spiritual snobbery that makes people think they can be happy without money.
Cash-payment never was, or could except for a few years be, the union-bond of man to man. Cash never yet paid one man fully his deserts to another; nor could it, nor can it, now or henceforth to the end of the world.
Preoccupation with money is the great test of small natures, but only a small test of great ones.
However toplofty and idealistic a man may be, he can always rationalize his right to earn money.
There is no fortune so strong that money cannot take it.
Many folks think they aren't good at earning money, when what they don't know is how to use it.
Money is plentiful for those who understand the simple laws which govern its acquisition.
All riches have their origin in mind. Wealth is in ideas -- not money.
A single idea -- the sudden flash of a thought -- may be worth a million dollars.
Our income are like our shoes; if too small, they gall and pinch us; but if too large, they cause us to stumble and trip.
I don't even get an allowance.
There is a strange and mighty race of people called the Americans who are rapidly becoming the coldest in the world because of this cruel, man-eating idol, lucre.
Comparatively few people know what a million dollars actually is. To the majority it is a gaseous concept, swelling or decreasing as the occasion suggests. In the minds of politicians, perhaps more than anywhere, the notion of a million dollars has this accordion-like ability to expand or contract; if they are disposing of it, the million is a pleasing sum, reflecting warmly upon themselves; if somebody else wants it, it becomes a figure of inordinate size, not to be compassed by the rational mind.
In any country where talent and virtue produce no advancement, money will be the national god. Its inhabitants will either have to possess money or make others believe that they do. Wealth will be the highest virtue, poverty the greatest vice. Those who have money will display it in every imaginable way. If their ostentation does not exceed their fortune, all will be well. But if their ostentation does exceed their fortune they will ruin themselves. In such a country, the greatest fortunes will vanish in the twinkling of an eye. Those who don't have money will ruin themselves with vain efforts to conceal their poverty. That is one kind of affluence: the outward sign of wealth for a small number, the mask of poverty for the majority, and a source of corruption for all.
A billion here, a billion there, and soon you're talking about real money.
Money speaks, but it speaks with a male voice.
Money doesn't talk, it swears.
If your outgo exceeds your income, then your upkeep will be your downfall.
The absolute fundamental aim is to make money out of satisfying customers.
The world is his who has money to go over it.
Money is the representative of a certain quantity of corn or other commodity. It is so much warmth, so much bread.
It requires a great deal of boldness and a great deal of caution to make a great fortune, and when you have it, it requires ten times as much skill to keep it.
Money, which represents the prose of life, and which is hardly spoken of in parlors without an apology, is, in its effects and laws, as beautiful as roses.
Money can't buy poverty.
Money is the sinews of love, as of war.
If you make money your god, it will plague you like the devil.
Sir, money, money, the most charming of all things; money, which will say more in one moment than the most elegant lover can in years. Perhaps you will say a man is not young; I answer he is rich. He is not genteel, handsome, witty, brave, good-humored, but he is rich, rich, rich, rich, rich --that one word contradicts everything you can say against him.
Money will say more in one moment than the most eloquent lover can in years.
Money is the fruit of evil, as often as the root of it.
Thought, not money, is the real business capital...
A rich man is nothing but a poor man with money.
Money is like an arm or leg -- use it or lose it.
It is only the poor who pay cash, and that not from virtue, but because they are refused credit.
I've always thought anyone can make money. Making a life worth living, that's the real test.
God makes, and apparel shapes; but it's money that finishes the man.
Money differs from an automobile or mistress in being equally important to those who have it and those who do not.
Money is a singular thing. It ranks with love as man's greatest source of joy. And with death as his greatest source of anxiety. Over all history it has oppressed nearly all people in one of two ways: either it has been abundant and very unreliable, or reliable and very scarce.
Prosperity is living easily and happily in the real world, whether you have money or not.
But money, wife, is the true Fuller's Earth for reputations, there is not a spot or a stain but what it can take out.
If you can actually count your money, then you're not a rich man.
Making a million dollars is the simplest thing in the world. Just find a product that sells for $2000 and that you can buy at a cost of $1000, and sell a thousand of them.
Take a dollar from a thousand and it will be a thousand no more.
Those who are of the opinion that money will do everything may reasonably be expected to do everything for money.
I just need enough to tide me over until I need more.
Does he council you better who bids you, Money, by right means, if you can: but by any means, make money ?
You can't fatten the pig on market day.
When a man says money can do anything, that settles it. He hasn't any.
No man's credit is ever as good as his money.
Money never made a fool of anybody; it only shows them up.
Money is just a way of keeping score.
The trick is to make sure you don't die waiting for prosperity to come.
My money goes to my agent, then to my accountant and from him to the tax man.
Money's a horrid thing to follow, but a charming thing to meet.
I have not observed men's honesty to increase with their riches.
The covetous man never has money. The prodigal will have none shortly.
Whatever you have spend less.
There are few ways in which a man can be more innocently employed than in getting money.
Don't be too busy earning a living to make any money.
The importance of money flows from it being a link between the present and the future.
If you cannot make money on one dollar, if you do not coax one dollar to work hard for you, you won't know how to make money out of one hundred thousand dollars.
It is better that a man should tyrannize over his bank balance than over his fellow-citizens and whilst the former is sometimes denounced as being but a means to the latter, sometimes at least it is an alternative.
All money means to me is a pride in accomplishment.
Money is like fire, an element as little troubled by moralizing as earth, air and water. Men can employ it as a tool or they can dance around it as if it were the incarnation of a god. Money votes socialist or monarchist, finds a profit in pornography or translations from the Bible, commissions Rembrandt and underwrites the technology of Auschwitz. It acquires its meaning from the uses to which it is put.
We might make a public moan in the newspapers about the decay of conscience, but in private conversation, no matter what crimes a man may have committed or how cynically he may have debased his talent or his friends, variations on the answer Yes, but I did it for the money, satisfy all but the most tiresome objections.
Nobody deserves this much money -- certainly not an actor.
It doesn't matter whether you are rich or poor -- as long as you've got money.
I don't like money actually, but it quiets the nerves.
After spending many years in Wall Street and after making and losing millions of dollars I want to tell you this: It never was my thinking that made the big money for me. It always was my sitting.
Wise is the person at either end. Who can in due measure spare as well as spend.
The Lord commonly gives riches to foolish people, to whom he gives nothing else.
After spending some money in his sleep, Hermon the Miser who so infuriated that he hanged himself.
But for money and the need of it, there would not be half the friendship in the world. It is powerful for good if divinely used. Give it plenty of air and it is sweet as the hawthorn; shut it up and it cankers and breeds worms.
When you have too much month for you paycheck, then what you need to do is realize that there is abundance all around you and focus on the abundance and not your lack and as night follows day abundance will come to you.
There is no intrinsic worth in money but what is alterable with the times, and whether a guinea goes for twenty pounds or for a shilling, it is the labor of the poor and not the high and low value that is set on gold or silver, which all the comforts of life must arise from.
There is nothing so habit-forming as money.
If you want him to mourn, you had best leave him nothing.
All social rules and all relations between individuals are eroded by a cash economy, avarice drags Pluto himself out of the bowels of the earth.
Money is like a sixth sense without which you cannot make a complete use of the other five.
Get to know two things about a man. How he earns his money and how he spends it. You will then have the clue to his character. You will have a searchlight that shows up the inmost recesses of his soul. You know all you need to know about his standards, his motives, his driving desires, his real religion.
The most valuable of all human possessions, next to a superior and disdainful air, is the reputation of being well-to-do.
The chief value of money lies in the fact that one lives in a world in which it is overestimated.
Money couldn't buy friends, but you got a better class of enemy.
I don't want to make money. I just want to be wonderful.
A person's treatment of money is the most decisive test of his character, how they make it and how they spend it.
Taking it all in all, I find it is more trouble to watch after money than to get it.
Money doesn't sleep.
The habit of saving is itself an education. It fosters every virtue, teaches self-denial, cultivates the sense of order, trains to forethought, and so broadens the mind.
The buck stops with the guy who signs the checks.
The basic principle of turning ideas into big money is to seize every money building idea and work with it until the idea fits your purpose, decide on the steps needed to make it work, and then proceed to do it as soon as possible.
Money is the sixth sense that makes it possible to enjoy the other five.
Never underestimate the value of cold cash.
If a man is after money, he's money mad; if he keeps it, he's a capitalist; if he spends it, he's a playboy; if he doesn't get it, he's a never-do-well; if he doesn't try to get it, he lacks ambition. If he gets it without working for it; he's a parasite; and if he accumulates it after a life time of hard work, people call him a fool who never got anything out of life.
God shows his contempt for wealth by the kind of person he selects to receive it.
After a certain point, money is meaningless. It ceases to be the goal. The game is what counts.
More than ever before, Americans are suffering from back problems, back taxes, back rent, back auto payments.
Nowadays nothing but money counts: a fortune brings honors, friendships, the poor man everywhere lies low.
Money will come to you when you are doing the right thing.
When the strong box contains no more both friends and flatterers shun the door.
Every man now worships gold, all other reverence being done away.
If you are poor, though you dwell in the busy marketplace, no one will inquire about you; if you are rich, though you dwell in the heart of the mountains, you will have distant relatives.
Where gold speaks every tongue is silent.
Getting money is like digging with a needle, spending it is like water soaking into sand.
If you have money, men think you are wise, handsome, and able to sing like a bird.
Good management is better than good income.
Money is flat and meant to be piled up.
If you want to know what God thinks of money, look at the people he gives it to.
Having money is rather like being a blond. It is more fun but not vital.
Money does not change men, it only unmasks them.
Many people make the mistake of thinking that all the challenges in their lives would dissipate if they just had enough money. Nothing could be further from the truth. Earning more money, in and of itself, rarely frees people. It's equally ridiculous to tell yourself that greater financial freedom and mastery of your finances would not offer your greater opportunities to expand, share, and create value for yourself and others.
God gave me my money. I believe the power to make money is a gift from God . to be developed and used to the best of our ability for the good of mankind. Having been endowed with the gift I possess, I believe it is my duty to make money and still more money and to use the money I make for the good of my fellow man according to the dictates of my conscience.
I know of nothing more despicable and pathetic than a man who devotes all the hours of the waking day to the making of money for money's sake.
Simply by not owning three medium-sized castles in Tuscany I have saved enough money in the last forty years on insurance premiums alone to buy a medium-sized castle in Tuscany.
I know at last what distinguishes man from animals; financial worries.
It is not how much one makes but to what purpose one spends.
A fool and her money are soon courted.
There's no reason to be the richest man in the cemetery. You can't do any business from there.
Money is human happiness in the abstract: he, then, who is no longer capable of enjoying human happiness in the concrete devotes his heart entirely to money.
You never suffer from a money problem, you always suffer from an idea problem.
But it is a pretty thing to see what money will do!
A great fortune is a great slavery.
Lack of money is the root of all evil.
Money is indeed the most important thing in the world; and all sound and successful personal and national morality should have this fact for its basis.
The universal regard for money is the one hopeful fact in our civilization. Money is the most important thing in the world. It represents health, strength, honor, generosity and beauty. Not the least of its virtues is that it destroys base people as certainly as it fortifies and dignifies noble people.
All things are sold: the very light of heaven is venal; earth's unsparing gifts of love, the smallest and most despicable things that lurk in the abysses of the deep, all objects of our life, even life itself, and the poor pittance which the laws allow of liberty, the fellowship of man, those duties which his heart of human love should urge him to perform instinctively, are bought and sold as in a public mart of not disguising selfishness, that sets on each its price, the stamp-mark of her reign.
If I don't need the money, I don't work.
Economy is half the battle of life. It is not so hard to earn money as to spend it well.
Money is always there but the pockets change.
The price we have to pay for money is sometimes liberty.
Almost any man knows how to earn money, but not one in a million knows how to spend it.
The way by which you may get money almost without exception leads downward.
Money is not required to buy one necessity of the soul.
The buck stops here.
It's just as easy to be happy with a lot of money as with a little.
Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep score. The real excitement is playing the game.
I've been rich and I've been poor. Rich is better.
I am opposed to millionaires, but it would be dangerous to offer me the position.
Profits are an opinion, cash is a fact.
Revenue is vanity... margin is sanity... cash is king.
Money can't buy health, happiness, or what it did last year.
Money talks and often just says, Good Bye.
Once upon a time only Washington's face was on our money, now Washington's hands are on it too.
Money doesn't always bring happiness. A man with ten million dollars is no happier than a man with nine million dollars.
If you're going to lend money make sure somebody else is around. If you're going to give money make sure nobody else is around.
Money can't buy happiness; it can, however, rent it.
Anyone can be great with money. With money, greatness is not a talent but an obligation. The trick is to be great without money.
Money won't buy happiness, but it will pay the salaries of a huge research staff to study the problem.
Don't ever let economic alone determine your career or how you spend the majority of your time.
you must get money to chase you, but never let it catch up.
When a fellow says it ain't the money but the principle of the thing, it's the money.
There is only one class in the community that thinks more about money than the rich, and that is the poor. The poor can think of nothing else.
The person who said money is the root of all evil just flat out didn't have any.
The best way to save money is not to lose it.
Money in the bank is like toothpaste in the tube. Easy to take out, hard to put back.
I've got all the money I'll ever need, if I die by four o clock.
Cultivate more joy by arranging your life so that more joy will be likely.
There is no money to be made at the bottom. There's no money to made in the middle. But there's a lot to be made at the top.
Many good qualities are not sufficient to balance a single want -- the want of money.
You know a whole lot more about money than you think you do. You’ve only been misled to believe that you don’t know by people who don’t want you to understand how simple money really is.
The secret to money is so simple that most people completely miss it, because they’re looking for some grand answer about this resource called money, which has so much power over them.
Money is simply the symbolic representation of human energy.
Money is whatever symbol we decide upon to represent human energy for an item or service.
Money represents a promise of human energy.
We'll [the central bankers] GIVE them someone to blame. We'll blame the greedy business islanders, and the rich. We'll play on people's negative emotions and natural reactions of fear, anger, jealousy, and resentment. We'll blame the very producers of real goods and services for the problem that we created, using our control of the island's communication media to shift the blame.
Truth is simple. It's just the truth. But think about when someone lies. Think about all the lies they need to tell in order to keep the original lie going. It's a tangled web, and it makes getting at the truth very difficult - which is exactly what the liar wants. That's why it seems that our financial system is so complex. We've gotten away from the truth - far, far away from it.
Affection is dezirable, but money is absolutly undispensable.
I look like so much money, you came over here, thinking you owe me money.
Money can't buy love.. Love can't buy anything
Up early making ends meet, don't wait til the end to meet, no need to sleep late, start the paper chase before eight.
Don't do it for the hater's do it for your health. The hating comes along with your acquired wealth.
Some of y'all are talking about money, Most of y'all should not be talking...Shhh just sit & listen, since you can pay attention.