Quotes by Leonard Pitts

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Leonard Pitts, Jr. is an American commentator, journalist and novelist. He is a nationally-syndicated columnist and winner of the 2004 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary. He was originally hired by the Miami Herald to critique music, ...

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Sometimes, fame means nobody places any limits on your behavior. And that’s a dangerous thing.

Maybe wealth begins the day you are finally able to want what you have.
We’re a people of rainbow hues and multiple faiths. If that heritage has taught us nothing else by now, it should have taught us this: It’s ignorant to think you can judge a man’s soul by looking at his face.
We are witness to the birth cries of a new America, and for every one of us who embraces and celebrates that, who looks forward to the opportunity and inclusiveness it promises, there is another who grapples with a crippling sense of dislocation and loss, who wonders who and what she will be in the nation now being born.
We are dancing in darkness on the edge of tragedy. And quite literally scared to death.